• Drunken Robot AKA Nat

    Drunken Robot AKA Nat

  • Mark Curcher

    Mark Curcher

    Passionate educator, speaker and lifelong learner, an educational émigré who aspires to be a “pedagogical provocateur” and educational activist.

  • Roger Verhoeven

    Roger Verhoeven

    All My Blogs/Social Media : https://linktr.ee/RogerVerhoeven https://mastodon.social/@RogerVerhoeven

  • Camila.ramosdasilva


    A Brazilian black woman, light-skinned aware of my privileges. Who studies how digital tech are shaping our society and the inequalities of digital society.

  • Jill Jameson

    Jill Jameson

  • Anurag Shukla

    Anurag Shukla

    Incubating Localism (http://localism.in)/ curating @insideout_ed currently @IIMA

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